What Is Traditional Advertising And Why Is It On The Decline? Part 2 of 5

How do you market your company? Are you getting top search engine placement on Google through your internet marketing campaign or are you still using traditional forms of advertising?

Have you been frustrated and aggravated with the challenges of increasing fees for traditional advertising, which does not yield a good return on your investment? You’re not alone.

With the internet boom more and more businesses are finding that traditional advertising fees (such as with yellow pages and newspaper ads) are increasing while producing less results.  This series is designed at helping your business overcome the challenges associated with advertising your business.

Yesterday we talked about the flaws of traditional advertising. Today, we’ll look at why internet marketing is becoming more effective and how a landscaping business made the change from traditional to internet marketing.

There are numerous benefits to using internet marketing over traditional marketing techniques.  Internet marketing is:

  • Much more affordable because online ads are cheaper and advertising through social media channels costs nothing except for your time
  • Trackable – you can track metrics and results using analytics and then change your ad campaign accordingly
  • Designed to help you target specific consumers – online ads allow you to pinpoint specific niche, potential and existing customers
  • More efficient – you won’t waste your efforts when you can target specific consumers and track how effective your campaign is
  • Always available – the web is online 24/7 so your ads aren’t limited to run at certain times of the day as with radio or T.V.
  • Not restricted by geography
  • Accessed by millions of users daily

Let’s look at how the transition from traditional to internet marketing has affected companies like yours:

Case Study #1 – Van Beek’s

Van Beek’s Garden Supplies is an example of a family-owned landscaping, lawn services and garden supply business that was struggling with traditional marketing techniques, which had worked in the past but which were no longer producing results.

Van Beek’s was using the Yellow Pages as a major part of their advertising plan, but when they stopped seeing the results they were used to they asked Yellow Pages to prove their value.  Yellow Pages created unique telephone numbers so that Van Beek’s could track the leads that were generated through Yellow Pages.

When these new telephone numbers produced no results some members of Van Beek’s knew it was time for a change and suggested they consider internet marketing.  Although not all of the family was sure they decided to give internet marketing a try.  They hired the WSI Milton team who started a website based on:

Tune in on Thursday to see the results that internet marketing produced for Van Beek’s Garden Supplies.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at a second Case Study about a small business in a different industry – flooring, and how they used internet marketing to survive during the recession while others in their industry went out of business.

What have you been doing to market yourself?  What works and what doesn’t in your industry? Have you successfully achieved top search engine placement? Share your ideas, experiences and stories of frustration or success!