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2015 is my 10th year as the President of WSI Milton and my 20something-th year in sales and marketing. Wow. I didn’t really think about the time that’s passed until just now.

Through those years I’ve built a keen understanding of digital marketing and how it relates (and contributes) to the success of small and medium sized businesses all over the world. I’ve always focused my skills toward business development and growth, and over the years I’ve used these skills to help clients stay current, and successful, through a constantly evolving platform of digital marketing strategies.

What does that jargon mean? It means that I stay current in my industry so you don’t have to. If you’re a landscaper, builder, contractor, business owner or entrepreneur of any kind you shouldn’t have to do double duty – be an expert in your industry and digital marketing. Nobody can be an expert at everything (despite what I want my 3 sons to think of me!), and splitting your energy like that does no good. So I’m here to be your digital marketing sensei.

Through a lot of hard work, WSI Milton is now the top ranked WSI franchise in Canada, and ranks among the top 3 of all global WSI franchises (there are more than 1,000 offices around the world). We’re pretty proud of that.

Clients across Canada have enjoyed exponential growth with the strategies we employ in the online marketplace.

Join me for the next WSI Milton seminar and let me help you get a better handle on the tools and strategies we use to grow your business year after year.

sandraI’ve worked in the Financial Industry and the Internet Marketing Sectors for the last 16 years as a Sales, Business Development and Solutions Consultant Executive. That gave me plenty of time to refine my understanding of and experience in delivering digital marketing solutions to entrepreneurs and enterprise organizations looking to drive bottom line profit growth and expansion.

For the last 5 years, as the co-founder and Business Development Director of The LION Group, I have been privileged to meet and work with business owners and entrepreneurs in a collaborative effort to generate better quality sales leads in greater volume.

I am pleased to be part of internet marketing team at WSI Milton. We’re focused on molding our unique set of skills in Web Development and Design, Search Engine Optimization, SEM, Social Media and Mobile Marketing to fit with your business. Because of our personal approach to customer service, we are pleased to say we enjoy long-term relationships and friendships with all of our clients.

I’ve been fortunate enough to share my knowledge in public through many guest speaking engagements and many, many workshops, seminars and webinars – too many to mention!

My most important work, outside of my passion for the Internet, has been my family and raising my 5.5 year old son, Hazen (who was always so agreeable to come to work with me and sleep under my desk when he was just a babe) and my 4 year old daughter Sidney, who always provides the ‘voice of reason’ for me, as only a 4 year old can.

To keep my sanity, I kayak, meditate and am a voracious reader, so if you have any good books you can recommend I am always open to suggestions!

Join me for the next WSI Milton seminar and let me help you get a better grip on the tools and strategies that we use to grow your business year after year.

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